Modern-day boarding

By Stonehill International School, Bangalore


Boarding school can teach children the essential skills they need to succeed in life.

Education has been modernised through technology, innovative infrastructure and progressive pedagogy. In this context, boarding schools too have changed dramatically over the last few years. Gone are the traditional dormitory days or regimental routines. Today, boarding schools are friendly and warm, with modern facilities for both studying and living. The learning never stops in a boarding school environment. Lessons go beyond the walls of the classroom to include social skills and life skills like independence, self-confidence, acceptance of differences and more. Top boarding schools like Stonehill International School in Bangalore, aim for the holistic development of the student rather than just purely focusing on academics.


Stonehill is a modern-day and boarding school, with a contemporary and adaptive programme, where students are supported, engaged, challenged, and respected as individuals. The boarding staff at Stonehill are house parents and dedicated teachers who provide a high standard of field and academic support.


The following are five skills that boarding life inculcates in your child:


1. Ability to build friendships


Stonehill Boarding is a diverse environment where children from different backgrounds meet and interact. They form great friendships with their peers, get guidance and academic support from each other. It is an opportunity for children of different ages and cultures to connect, creating a bond for life. When a community of your peers surround you, coping with the ebb and flow of life is easier. Glen Johnson, Head of Boarding at Stonehill International School, with more than 30 years of experience of having worked in various boarding schools across India, says, “I have seen the positive effect boarding life at Stonehill has on students. They experience less stress and frustration in this environment. I have also seen improvement in student grades, an increase in motivation and a decline in behavioural issues.”




2. Boarders learn to be independent and responsible

Children become more independent within a broader community environment, building up confidence in their ability to manage their schoolwork, stay healthy and thrive in the ‘real world’. In a contemporary boarding environment like Stonehill Boarding, students learn to be responsible for themselves. They learn time management skills and become self-reliant and independent.



3. Cultivating a lifelong desire to learn through academics and outdoor opportunities

Weekends are a time to unwind and students can choose from the myriad extracurricular activities. Glen Johnson, Head of Stonehill Boarding, says, “At Stonehill Boarding, keeping in mind the IB philosophy, we initiate and plan regular outdoor activities. These activities encourage children to ask questions and find answers through research so they cultivate a lifelong desire to learn.”

Additionally, the School has a multi-purpose sports hall, basketball courts, a swimming pool, volleyball, tennis and badminton courts, a football and cricket field and horse riding facilities.

A crucial part of the educational journey is creating an environment to facilitate it. At    Stonehill Boarding, the availability of school amenities for use at all times allows students to prepare for their future.



4. Boarders develop strong work ethics

The boarding at Stonehill International School has a well-deserved reputation for excellence that encourages disciplined work and study habits. This is attributed to the outstanding professionalism and care of the house parents. They are committed to motivating the students to fulfil their academic and personal potential.

Through supervised study sessions, accessible offices, and open-door policies, students gain close access to readily available support from the non-resident tutors. With teachers as role-models, it is easier for students to become invested in their work.

Stonehill Boarders often find great friendships in their house parents who provide continuous support to them. Not only do they guide them on managing their studies, but also with social dynamics. They forge a healthy foundational support system, creating a home away from home!



5. Boarding school promotes acceptance and values diversity



Stonehill International Boarding attracts students from all over the world. They host a diverse range of international and domestic students who share meals, rooms, and classes – fostering a close bond that transcends geographical and cultural differences. As students share personal stories, cultural insights, and new experiences with each other, they learn to see beyond categories of difference – a fundamental lesson they take with them for years to come.

Stonehill International School is an International Baccalaureate (IB) Authorised World School, accredited by the Council of International Schools (CIS) and the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC). The School is a member of the Australian Boarding Schools Association (ABSA) an organization that promotes the interests of boarding schools worldwide, facilitating the professional development of staff and advancing excellent practice among schools.

The boarding houses at Stonehill are comfortable and homelike, with modern facilities and contemporary design. Boarding can never replace home, but Stonehill Boarding offers the next best thing – a home away from home.

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